At KETTLER, we take fun seriously. We are a leader in bikes, fitness equipment, patio furniture, table tennis tables and outdoor play. We believe in using high quality materials, solid construction and durability in all of our products. From our outdoor play toys to our adult exercise equipment and everything in between, it is our hope that KETTLER leisure and fitness products will enhance your lifestyle. Our focus is on quality, durability and innovation so that your focus can be on using our sports and leisure products to feel better, both physically and mentally. We hope you enjoy your experience with KETTLER and enjoy our products even more, whether you ride our bikes, exercise with our fitness equipment, play with our outdoor play or relax in our patio furniture. KETTLER insists on delivering exceptional quality in every piece of product we manufacture. By paying great attention to detail in the manufacturing process and only using the best materials and state of the art manufacturing techniques, we have established ourselves as a global industry leader. Consider visiting our retailers or ordering our products online. For over 30 years KETTLER USA has built distribution in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Central America.

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